Shander's Shenanigan's: A Week in Review October 23 - 29

Another week has passed by, another week to be thankful for all my blessings.

Things I'm grateful: (in no particular order)

  • My "nephew" coming for supper. He was once a baby that I took care off (along with his older siblings). For the first seven years of his life, I was a daily fixture in it. We did everything together, and he even attended the school I taught at, until I had my own children. He's like a big brother to my kids, and the fun reaches stratospheric heights when we're all together. I love it - and love him. I affectionately call him my 'first son'. It's easier than the-boy-i-used-to-take-care-of. ;) 
  • Hubs taking a day off. He took a weekday off, and after I attended to some 'at home' work, we had a nice leisurely lunch at an "adults" restaurant. We spent the child-free day together and reconnected. It was nice and unexpected, as he didn't make the decision until Thursday night. 

  • For a working vacuum. Sounds crazy, but without one, I was a little off. I pride myself on a neat and tidy house, and without it and knowing I was having company, it bothered me. However, hubs brought it home from the repair shop and I cleaned like a crazy person. :) 
  • For the flying lights in Hawrelak Park. Not sure what the event was, or any of the reasoning for it (I posted a query on Twitter but got no response), but it was beautiful to watch. To see the paper lanterns - or whatever they were - rise into the air truly was mesmerizing. The picture doesn't do it justice. 
  • I'm thankful my introvert of a son had a friend over for supper. It was neat to meet him, and engage with him, and see how well the two of them get along. I'm thankful my son has such a good friend in this young man. :) 
As always, thanks for reading! Keep smiling and looking for rainbows after the storm. 

Shander Shenanigans: A Week in Review October 16 - 22

It's been quite a week. :)

The five things I'm thankful for, in no particular order, are: 

My Critique Partner. She's going through That Summer with a fine tooth comb, and I can't be more excited. She's wickedly awesome, thorough and picks apart scenes letter by letter. I get so excited for her emails & tweets, wondering what she's gong to say next. No matter how tough she is, I know it comes from the heart. She's not doing it to be mean, she's doing it to make my story the best it can be. AND, she's available to edit your novel.

My local library. We're regulars at our local branch. We're there every two weeks at minimum for a program they run - Evil Genius Club. The librarians know my kids (they're usually the only ones at the programs) and they know me. Because of the strong connection I have with one of them, she asked me if I wanted to join their upcoming book club (umm, yeah!). She mentioned it would likely be just her and I, but I may be able to rope in a friend or two. Can't wait to read the book.

For clear skies on Saturday night. For once the skies were forecasted to be clear - which was a total bust last weekend when we went to Jasper for their Dark Skies Festival. We loaded the telescope, blankets, chairs and warm drinks, and headed west to the BlackFoot Staging Area, one of our favourite places to kick back and star gaze. Last night we got to see Pluto, the Dumbbell Nebula, the Ring Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy more. So beautiful, so serene. It was nice to put down the electronic devices and look up. ;)

My job. To say I am blessed with the perfect job, is an understatement. I love my job, I love 99% of the people I work with, I love the children I help encourage to read. My boss(es) are so flexible, and allow me to run out in the middle of a shift to pick up my oldest from his school and bring him back to work with me. On top of it, I get paid to do this. To help kids find something new to read. To encourage kids to try a book they would've never thought they'd like, and to find out they LOVE it. Plus, I'm now in charge of ordering, and this is thrilling. I get to spend a lot of money buying books. Seriously - AWESOME.

Brunch with my parents. Not sure when it started but sometime after I moved out, my parents and I started meeting for either supper or brunch on Sundays. It's still a tradition now, 20+ years after leaving home, and one I look forward to. It's expanded to include my sibling, our spouses and children. If I don't meet them at some point on Sunday, my week feels ... off. Its our chance to get together, unwind, laugh, discuss politics, and most importantly connect.

For all this, I am thankful.
Thank you - dear reader - for continuing to read. 

Shander's Shenanigans: A Week in Review October 9 - 15

Another crazy busy week, but also loaded with lots of fun. Why not? If life's not fun, then it's time to find out what makes you happy.

Five things I'm grateful for this week:

1 - A trip to the mountains. To be within a four hour drive of something so picturesque. We spent some time walking around Pyramid Lake Island (and if any of you follow Amazing Race Canada, it was a check-in spot on the first or second leg). Here is a pic I took of the bridge that takes you to the island. The skies were broken cloud, but the lake was calm. Reflective even.

2 - Good friends to travel with. I spent the weekend surrounded with males (hubs, kids, and another couple) and never felt safer. :) Our friends are fun, and we're very like minded, so it makes hanging out easy and relaxing. 

3 - Seeing Bill Nye. We travelled to Jasper, and got to spend a couple of hours listening to Bill Nye and his brand of comedy. Although his talk of choice was to focus on Global Warming and was a little over my kid'd head, the way he told his stories was interesting enough to keep my kids captive for the nearly two hour show. 

4 - Big fat, fluffy snowflakes. There is something awe-inspiring about sitting in a hot tub surrounded by mountains, breathing in the fresh air, as the big, fluffy snowflakes swirl around you. It's magical and wonderful. And I'm glad it happened after we'd parked our vehicle for the night.

5 - The way my kids love each other. They're your typical boys with markedly different personalities, who squabble daily over little things. But every once in a while, they melt my heart. A snuggle with each other as they watch something they have in common - a deep love of science. Aww.

Thanks for reading! What are five things you're grateful for this week?

Shander's Shenanigans: My Week in Review October 2 - 8

My Week in Review: October 2 - 8, 2016

Two exciting things happened this week.

My birthday was on Thursday. I won't tell you how old I am except to say I'm now using the term 30 something. I won't tell you what the something is in numbers, as I hate the number I'm at. 

My birthday is always been bittersweet. Five years ago I buried my best friend on it. Losing her has been one of the hardest things I've had to deal with. There are still things that surface that slap me across the face, and knock the wind out of my sails. Time has healed the rip in my heart, but there is still a huge scar.
So for that reason, I don't really celebrate it. And that's okay. I'll see my parents, get lots of text/email/FB/twitter messages (for which I'm very grateful), but I don't celebrate it with a huge party. Not my thing. I'm more of a small gathering, intimate kind of gal. :)

Another exciting thing happened this week.

I finished writing That Summer. This is the expanded portion (aka a novella of 30,000 words) of Duly Noted readers will want to read. A story of love and courage, but most importantly, the beautiful story between two lost souls.

For now, this is the working blurb:

All Aurora wants is a happy-ever-after with Nate.

But a teeny-tiny problem stands in her way. She’s terrified of vehicles, and fights daily with staying clean from a prescription drug abuse problem. Plus, her and Nate broke up. Upon learning of his planned retirement, she believes it’s all because of her.  

Nate can’t leave his love for her, and she’s refuses to let it happen. She needs to conquer her fears, and push herself harder than ever before. In order to succeed, she needs to believe in herself. Of her body and her mind. It’s a scary battle between determination and terror. And she has nine weeks.
Stepping out of her comfort zone, she enlists help from the one man she trusts implicitly.  

Lucas is a race car driver, her best friend and Nate’s younger brother. Drill Sargent, cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on, he wants nothing more than to watch her succeed. However strong emotions surface during training sessions that scare Aurora and threaten her friendship with Lucas.  Is it too much? How will she beat her darkest fears and get her happy ever after?

What do you think?

Also, in writing That Summer the main character needs to write down the things that make her happy. I thought, this should be something I should do, and being that today is Thanksgiving, what better time to start. Each week I'm going to list 5 things I'm happy for. This week's is easy...

  • My family
  • My friends
  • My jobs
  • The roof over my head
  • The clothes on my back
What things are you thankful for?