Prizes, Giveaways and ARCs - Oh my!

I have NINE days (as of this posting) until Duly Noted gets released into the public's hands. It's nervously exciting. 

To commemorate this joy, I have a variety of prizes, and ARCs (advanced reader copies) to giveaway. 

Firstly, there are six unique handcrafted bookmarks to giveaway. Each has a quote from the book, and a charm - which is mentioned in the novel. How to win one? Pre-order Duly Noted from any of these four e-book retailers - Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes or Amazon, and email me proof. Ta-da! You're entered. :) Purchase a paperback edition from me, and you're entered. Easy peasy. All bookmarks will be mailed or distributed June 21. 

Then I have a beautiful, handcrafted necklace I'm officially dubbing "The Aurora". It's special to the book, and contains Nate's colours. 
This one will be given away on July 31 to one lucky winner. The winner will be selected from ALL reviews posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes or Kobo prior to that date. 
All authors, especially indie authors like myself, need the reviews. The more reviews, the higher in ranking I can climb, and the more likely it becomes that someone else will stumble upon my book. Sadly, and shocking to most lol, I don't have the marketing budget of the huge publishers, so I really rely on my readers - to maybe mention my book to someone, to leave a review, to (hopefully) rave about it. Plus, the more reviews, the more likely my own public library will pick it up. Trust me, reviews help out an indie author - BIG TIME. You don't even need to write much. Just something like "I loved this book. Nate was so dreamy." Or whatever. ;)
So if you leave a review for me, I'll put your name into the hat (or a random online generator) and you could win this beautiful necklace. 

Good luck - and thanks for reading and sharing with your friends. 

All About... Aurora MacIntyre

Aurora MacIntyre is a sassy and sarcastic nineteen year old and star of DULY NOTED. A devastating car crash did more than just break her bones. It altered the straight and narrow path she was on, breaking her heart with the death of her Momma and sister, Carmen, and leaving her slightly crippled from the shattering of her pelvis. In it's wake, she became reclusive, distanced from the only family she has left - her dad Cole, and dependent on Percocet and Xanax to help with pain and anxiety.
In my mind, she looks very similar to this picture. :) 

Fun facts

  • Aurora is an Leo, celebrating her birthday August 23rd
  • Had an older sister, Carmen
  • Had a pretty normal upbringing until the accident of May 24 changed her life forever
  • Used to be ballet dancer, but her pelvis and hips never healed and set properly, so she's crippled with pain. However, does enjoy a night out dancing, as long as she's well medicated
  • Was an honours student and set to attend med school, with the high hopes of becoming an emergency room doctor
  • Lives in her sister's apartment, with the ghosts of her former life
  • Even though her library job is within walking distance, she hates it 
  • Refuses to get into (or touch) any vehicles
  • Pet-peeves: Rude people, people using their disabilities as a liability, and people who stick their noses into other people's business
  • Fears: Thunderstorms, cars and in a way - being truly alone
  • Turn ons: Nate, dancing

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The following is a copyrighted excerpt from Duly Noted. Please do not copy in any format without prior consent from the author. You may RT or link to this blog. 

A crack of thunder shook the building, and terrified, Aurora dropped to the ground, covering her head. Shaking in her spot, a warm hand on her shoulder caused her to scream.
“Hey, it’s okay. It’s just thunder.” His face a mixture of curiosity and amusement.
 Hunched on her heels, her hands slowly moved off her head, and she stared at the ceiling. “Yes, I know.” Another crash sounded overhead, and once again she cowered.
“It’s right overhead too.” A broad grin settled on his face as he asked, “Not a fan of a little storm?”
Shaking her head, she whispered, “Not in the remotest sense.”
He crouched down beside her, his hand rested on her shoulder, and sincerity on his face. “Okay. Duly noted.” He stood and extended his hand. “What would help?”
He laughed, stopping only when she didn’t return his grin. “Oh, you’re serious?”
“Like a heart attack. Which I may have soon if I don’t get some relief.” With her eyes fixated on the ceiling as though a lightning bolt would strike her down, she quickly limped her way into the back room where her locker was. Breathing heavy as her heart pounded in fear, she poured two pills out, catching them in the nick of time as they bounced out of her shaking hand. She let them melt under her tongue.
Another loud boom rattled the building, and cowering she found herself wrapped in Nate’s strong arms. “Easy there,” he smirked, which irritated Aurora, although he did not lessen his hold on her.
She pushed out of his embrace. “I’ll be okay now, thank you,” she said as she stumbled backwards and fell with a thud onto the nearby bench.
“Sure you will.” Relaxing on the seat beside her, he said, “I’ve never known anyone as terrified of a thunderstorm as you are.”
“There’s lots you don’t know about me, Nate.” She bit her lip and kicked the door of her locker shut.
“I’m sure there is.” His smile widened, showcasing a dimple on his left cheek. His chocolate brown eyes twinkled under the florescent lights of the staff room. “However, I kind of like that the storm bothers you.”
“You’re a very strange man.” She pushed herself up and staggered for the door, pausing as the door creaked open. Curiosity overcoming her, she turned and asked, “Why?”
“Why what?”
“Why do you like the fact that it bothers me?” She hoped he couldn’t see her veins pulsing beneath her skin in such close proximity to him as he closed the distance between them.
“Because, it’s neat that I can… umm…” He shrugged a shoulder. “Never mind.”
“You are a strange man.”
“Duly noted.” He held the door for her. “Ready to head back out?”
She nodded, and as another clap of thunder boomed overhead, Aurora only flinched moderately.
Nate whistled. “Wow, that stuff works well.”
“It would fail cataclysmically if it couldn’t do its job, and therefore wouldn’t be an effective means of reducing my anxiety,” she said as she exited the room. 

All About... Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson is a man with a heart of gold. He's shy, and a bit of an introvert, however, when he sets his mind on a goal there's no stopping him. Charming to a fault, he's also sassy, easily handling every ounce of Aurora's natural sarcastic personality, knowing there's a reason she is the way she is. Giving by nature, he helps out where he can. (As a CP was reading Duly Noted, she said Nate totally sounds like a dead ringer for Theo James, who I had no idea of until she mentioned it. And yeah after searching up who that was, Theo is my Nate.)

 Fun Facts:

  • Nate is twenty-two, and a Gemini, born on May 28
  • Is a middle child, with Lucas four years younger, and Christina seven years older
  • Had a pretty normal upbringing, surrounded by family and friends
  • Loves to ride his dirt-bike, a CFR250X
  • Lost his father to cancer when he was eighteen
  • Has a couple of tattoos, both which have special meaning to him
  • Finished third year in Civil Engineering with a 3.6 GPA
  • Spends his summers in construction
  • Has a brown belt in karate, and practices in the off-season
  • Pet-peeves: liars, and get rich schemes
  • Turn-ons: loyality, honesty, Aurora

Pre-order price of $1.99 US SMASHWORDS - KOBO - iTunes - Amazon

The following is a copyrighted excerpt from Duly Noted. Please do not copy in any format without prior consent from the author. You may RT or link to this blog. 

“Are you always like this?” He cocked his head, a smile breaking out across his face.
“Like what?”
“Twisting everything anyone says?”
“Perhaps.” She nodded and pulled her hands back to take a long sip of her drink. A hint of a smile leaked out of her lips. 
A matching one played at the corners of his, pulling the left side up enough that his smile was lopsided. “You’re funny.”
“Oh yeah,” she rolled her eyes, “A real riot act.”
His eyes grazed over her, down to fingertips, and up her arms, landing on her blue eyes. “You’re very pretty, in an understated kind of way.”
“Wow, you really are the master of cheesy pickup lines.” She took another long drink of her coffee.
“Not really. I just tell it like it is.”
“Well, understated is a good word.” 
He leaned back against his wrought-iron chair. “You’re incredibly difficult to read, you know.”
“I prefer it that way. Lends itself to a little mystery.”
“Yes, it does.” He took a drink, the foam sticking to his pale pink lips. “I like mystery. Means there’s more to you than meets the eye.”
“And there you go again, Mr. Cheesy Pickup Lines.” She laughed, a good throaty laugh, tipping her head back in the process.
He licked his lips, and matched her smile. “Hmm.”
“Hmm what?”
“Trying to think of what to say that won’t necessarily bring on a quick little comeback.” His voice full of curiosity.
The weight of his stare was like a hundred pounds, so she gave her coffee a swirl.
“You claim you’re an open book, which you’re not because you managed to completely avoid my questions. You have a witty sense of humour, which I’m rather fond of. You have a genuine fear of cars, which I’d like to get down to the bottom of, and you have an interesting fear of thunderstorms. And you have a mouth like a sailor.”
“What? I do not.”
“Yeah, you do. I heard you on the phone. Shame, shame.” He waggled a finger at her in jest.
Laughing, she shrugged. “Well, we can’t all be perfect.”
“I agree, perfection is boring.”
He stretched out his long legs, and rested them beside her chair. “So tell me, Miss Aurora, what is it you like in a man?” He paused and leaned forward, and arched a sly brow.

So come fall in love with Nate. He's been rated very swoon-worthy.  

Duly Noted - A NA Contemporary Romance

Now Available
Priced at $2.99 US  SMASHWORDS - KOBO - iTunes - Amazon

PTSD sucks.
Just ask nineteen year-old Aurora.
She’s dealt with it for the past two years. Effing car crash.

Resigned to live a mediocre life with her friends Percocet and Xanax, she's coped on her own. Terrified of stepping beyond her backyard, and broken and damaged, she doesn’t need anyone, anyways. Until she meets him.

Shy but smoking hot, Nate Johnson has a mouth as smart as hers, and can handle every ounce of sass she dishes out. Immediately, he’s hooked by Aurora’s sarcastic wit. A man on a mission, he wants to help her over her fear of cars. He needs to, if he’s ever going to have her as part of his world – a passion he’s kept hidden from her. As he succeeds with the impossible goal, he finds he’s curing more than just her PTSD, he’s healing her heart.

But when her fears collide with his passion, it drives Aurora away.
From him.
From them.
From the best thing to ever happen to her.
Because sometimes love just isn’t enough.

However, Nate wants her back and he’s willing to give up everything he loves for her. Aurora refuses to have him sacrifice his passion because of her, and dreams up a risky plan to stop him. It’s dangerous. It’s foolish. And if it doesn’t kill her first, it could just save them both.

Read the first chapter here

Meet the Cast of Characters




Matthew James

** NATE **

** AURORA **

Book 2 - That Summer - a novella spin off. 

Book 3 - the end of the trilogy - If You Say Yes

All About ... Lucas

Lucas Johnson doesn't make an appearance until much later in Duly Noted but his presence has power. He's Nate's younger brother, although his looks take after the paternal side of the family.

  • Lost his father to cancer when he was a young teen
  • Is four years younger than Nate, and a year younger than Aurora 
  • He's a Libra
  • Has superior mechanical skills, and will be attending UofA in mechanical engineering 
  • Loves opera music and fast cars
  • Is currently single
  • Was a Pokemon champion for the whole summer of 2008 until Joey Beedersen knocked him off the podium. Since then, he never played another game and sold all his cards to Carla Stepstein
  • Is a die-hard Jimmie Johnson fan, but there's no relation

Pre-order price of $1.99 US SMASHWORDS - KOBO - iTunes - Amazon

The following is a copyrighted excerpt from Duly Noted. Please do not copy in any format without prior consent from the author. You may RT or link to this blog. 

Author's note- It was really hard to find a scene with him that doesn't give any little spoilers. So you get a very tiny taste of Lucas, for now. But you'll love him when you get him all. HMS

It was lonely sitting there. No one looked familiar. At this point, she’d even settle on seeing Marissa Montgomery, at least she could get a dig in. But she didn’t see her. After several minutes of wringing her hands and shifting uncomfortably in her seat, a meek smile crossed her face as Lucas approached.
“Where’s Nate?”
“With your sister.”
“Ah.” He grabbed another chair. “You okay?”
She shrugged, but didn’t make eye contact. “I’m worried about Nate.”
“Well, he’s really worried about you.”
“The trip home–”
“He’ll figure it out. If it’s one thing Nate’s great at, it’s problem solving.”
She hung her head and pulled down on her sleeves to the point where her hands disappeared completely. “I’m worried that my PTSD will drive us apart.”
He tapped her foot with his own, and she looked up. “It hasn’t so far. If anything, I’d say it’s brought you together.”
“You’ll get through it. Intact.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because Chris is here. She was at some convention, but ditched it when he begged her last night to come down and help.” She blinked. “He loves you, and he desperately wants to help you. His faith in that is unshakeable.”
Feeling a bit better, she melted into her chair. Maybe everything will be okay. Chris would help. Shrinks can prescribe the best medicines.
“I know you’re opposed to vehicles, but are you okay with tools?”
She crinkled her forehead. “Why?”