The difference between a Critique Partner and a Beta Reader.

What’s a Critique Partner?
Simply, a Critique Partner (CP) is someone, usually an author, who will go over your manuscript in fine detail, searching for plot holes, weak character development, possibly grammar and punctuation errors and so on. A CP will go in depth to your manuscript and bring out the very best of your story the way you’ve written it – something that’s very important. A critique partner worth their weight in gold, will strengthen your words, not twist them into what they would’ve done. They will mix the constructive criticism with the good. This is exceptionally important. It’s equally as important to work with a CP who writes in the same genre and therefore understands the mechanics within.
Of course, everyone wants to have a perfect manuscript coming out of the gate, but even the best of the best, have someone else who will review their manuscripts before turning them over to their editors. And swapping chapters with another author gives you a chance to work on your development skills, which can only strengthen your own writing. Win-win for everyone. Plus, it’s usually free – you swap chapter(s) with another author, although there are many paid services out there.

What is a Beta Reader?
A beta reader is a reader first. He or she will read your manuscript at any time during the creative process, maybe after each chapter is written, or when the entire thing is finished, or any point in between. Your mother or best friend usually falls into this category as they are not looking for plot holes or grammatical errors, they are reading for the story itself. Beta readers give you the big picture feedback – yes it was good, I liked the main character, I glossed over this section, etc. A beta does not delve into too many specifics.
Most authors will have a few different betas review their manuscripts. This is a great time to ask friends and family if they’d like to help out or ask on whatever social media platform works best for you. Again, this is usually a free service but there are many paid beta services on the web, and these betas will give you a 2-3 page feedback on your manuscript.   

Just be sure to make clear what your expectations are, and then you’ll know who you need to seek out.

Personally, I have a half-dozen beta readers, who will each get the manuscript at a different point. One gets it right after it’s written, another after the first draft is completed, and so on, and all are romance readers. They know what to expect and believe me, if I don’t deliver, I’ll hear about it.
Also in my pocket of must haves, I have two trusted critique partners I’ve worked with over the past four years – they are fellow romance authors whose opinions mean the world to me and who I trust to help me bring out the very best. Without them, I would have to pay way, way more to my development editor.

I also reward my Critique Partners – they put in countless hours for nothing, often sacrificing their free time, so I make sure to thank them with Starbucks gift cards, signed copies of the book they helped with and always a mention in the back of the book in the acknowledgements. Let me tell you, a little author love goes a long way in terms of karma and them wanting to help you out again and again.

Currently my village of betas and CPs are hard at work on a new project I'm crafting, which with any luck, the two-book set will be out in late 2019. Would you like to be the first to know the titles, blurbs, release dates and you love sneak peeks, be sure to join my group - Shander’s Stargazing Romantics - otherwise you can follow me on my social media pages.

In conclusion… how many beta readers and critique partners would you like? What do you think would be a great gift to receive if you are the beta or the critique partner?