Ask Me Again - Read and Review Request


I'm looking for ten eight readers of Contemporary Women's Fiction & Romance to read and review my second novel - Ask Me Again for free. 

After years of walking on eggshells and feeling trapped in her unhappy marriage, 30-something year old Charlotte feels alone and unwanted. She longs for a time when she was happy and truly loved. When her world is turned upside down by a broken waterline, the true loneliness of her life becomes overwhelming. How did she end up here?

Andrew is a good-looking, Russian man with the heart of gold and the ability to make Charlotte’s heart come alive after years of it slowly tapping along. When he shows up on her doorstep as the Project Manager in charge of repairing her flooded home, it seems she will have to fight hard against her feelings. She’s married and he’s engaged, but they have a history as passionate lovers.

It’s been more than 13 years since Andrew and Charlotte broke up, but that doesn’t mean the past is forgotten. The more time they spend together repairing the house, the harder it becomes to resist their intoxicating chemistry.

Through death, lies and betrayals, Charlotte leans on Andrew, finding solace in the fact that she never needs to hide herself from him. When a huge loss pushes her to the edge and makes her question everything, she has to decide if she should stay in the life she’s created and make the best of it, or risk it all for a second chance at true happiness.

I will provide you a free copy of my book via smashwords. There you can download any format you require - for your kobo, kindle, phone...

All I ask of you is to read and review (on Smashwords, Goodreads and Amazon) before September 15th as I'm preparing for a big bash for it's one year birthday on October 18th. Please keep all reviews positive and spoiler free.

If interested, please email me or comment below and please include a link to your goodreads account. Thanks for your interest. :)