Can you help me choose?

I'm working on re-blurbing a novel. I've come up with two and I like them both, but for different reasons.

Which one do you prefer?? Help me decide which one to use. (#1 or #2; This one or That one).

Charlotte doesn't think she deserves happily ever after... And she's determined to prove it.

She believes in true love about as much as she believes there is life on Jupiter. After all she’s dealt with in her nineteen years, she’s unwilling to further expose her soul to more heartache and surrenders the idea of ever finding eternal happiness.

Until she meets him.

Andrew Wagner challenges everything Charlotte ever thought she knew about love. Taken by his charm and patience, she becomes drawn to him in a way she’s never known and doesn’t understand. However comfortable and at peace with him she is, she struggles with her intensifying feelings. 

But Andrew wants more than secrets and stories. He wants a piece of her heart.

With every assurance he’s different, she allows her heart to run away with her strengthening emotions. For the first time in her life, she believes in a happy ever after. With him. However, Andrew’s not ready, and his admission has devastating consequences. Crushed by a broken heart, her emotional stability spirals out of control and in her weakness, another man sweeps in.

Now Charlotte must prove if she really believes she’s deserving of a happily ever after or not? She needs to decide if she can forgive Andrew, or if she should give away what’s left of her heart to another?

Nineteen year old Charlotte Cooper knows she’s unworthy of happily ever after. Her troubled childhood leads to her inability to trust people, and without trust, how can she ever love?

Until Andrew Wagner walks into her life.

His charm and patience make her question if love might be possible after all. Despite the intoxicating pull to him, she pushes him away, believing he won’t handle her past shadows when he sees her for who she really is. When he doesn’t bolt at the first sign of trouble, her walls come crashing down. In it’s wake, she gives him the key to her heart.

He is her forever.

However, Andrew struggles balancing the needs of family and school, and tries to be everything he wants to be for Charlotte. When he admits to a mistake, Charlotte gives him an all or nothing ultimatum, and he begs for something in the middle.

Devastated, Charlotte runs into the arms of Jack, an older man who can successfully balance what Andrew failed to do. He gives her everything... except Andrew.

Now, Charlotte must decide between the man her head tells her she needs, and the man her heart tells her she wants. 

So I did something today...

 For quite some time, I've wanted to cut my hair. Not just an inch or two, but LOTS. My hair (when straight, because I have naturally springy curls) is long. To the crook in my elbow long - which for me is really super long. Aside from regular maintenance trims, it hasn't really been shorter than shoulder length since just after the birth of my second child -- about 10 years ago. After deciding I wanted to make the cut, I started shopping around for a place to donate my hair to. If it's going to get chopped off, I'd be happier knowing it's going to go to good use.

Commence Operation Hair Donation.

A quick Google search yielded several options.
The first was the Brain Tumour Foundation - which listed several organizations. Sweet - so many choices.
The Canadian Cancer Society, Pantene Beautiful Lengths and others popped up in cross referenced searches. However, as I checked out their requirements, I started crossing them each off my list. And each had different length requirements - the majority being 10 inches. That's a fair amount of hair -- maybe not on the receiving end, but for the person with the donation. But it's hair - I'd be able to grow more (with any luck) and maybe that drastic a change would be good. I continue reading the requirements.
Damn - another roadblock.
Well, double damn. My hair's coloured.

Crossed many off my list due to that restriction.
Posted on Twitter and Facebook for recommendations.

Familiar names came in, and a few I hadn't checked out. As my list narrowed down, I found two I could donate to, where both our requirements could be met (length for me, and coloured hair for them). Then to be sure, I contacted both.
My top choice (shorter hair length - 8 inches) never got back to me (I tried Twitter, Facebook and email.) My second choice, was a longer donation - could I handle that? So I measured. Which is hard to do with curly hair. LOL.
Yep, decided I could handle 10 inches - which was probably closer to 11 by time the hairstylist cleaned up the cut.

 I took my kids for their haircuts and inquired with my own stylist. Could've saved myself so much agony. She explained how much they needed (9 inches) and they totally accept coloured hair.

No point in delaying what I wanted done. Booked my appointment for the very next day (and brought my kids along for the fun.) Why not? I've sat through enough of theirs. 😉

It's so long. 
Oh my. It's in a ponytail now.

Here she goes. 

 And just like that - my hair was gone! 

So short now. Where's my hair?

Oh my! That's incredible. 
But I did it. And hopefully someone will benefit from the donation. 
Did you know it takes between 10 -15 ponytails of donations to make ONE wig? You do now. 

 My hair's so short (to me) and it will take some getting used to. But I'm glad someone else will hopefully get it in 6 - 10% of their wig. I can't donate blood and until I die, I'm keeping my organs. In the meantime, I can do this.

Thanks for reading my journey.