November - a month in review

Wow - November flew by in a flash. Already December is knocking on the door, good thing I am starting to prepare for it. Are you? Our tree is up, the cards are signed (and mostly mailed) and the little people (nieces, nephews, kids) are all purchased and wrapped. Just a few adult gifts to purchase remain. Hopefully, I'll have time to do some Christmas baking, and if not, that's what the bakery is for, am I right?
What are you plans for Christmas? Do you have any traditions?

So what have I been up to professionally?
In October I wrote a short 45K novel, featuring Jasper and Jade (they've had a couple of name changes but these names are much more fitting to the characters) a Bohemian and a straight laced lady. This is the first book of a brand new series, affectionately titled the Westside Series, about a group of servers searching for love.

For the month of November, I set daily word goals as part of NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) and wrote the second book in the series. It's not finished yet, as I still need to wrap up the ending. But it's an amazing love story, and won't be quite what you think. ;) You'll see. The story revolves around one of Jade's co-workers named Evanora, and her journey to love and acceptance. My plan is to finish it up before Christmas so it can hit beta readers and my critique partner in the new year. If all goes well, I want to release the entire series before the end of 2018. Wish me luck.  

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And personally, in the month of November, I got some great news as far as my youngest son's health, after a nightmare-ish health scare. Had to deal with a bully who attacked my oldest son at school, and ended the month with bad news about another family member. That's my three, right?  My anxiety has reached epic levels and I'm not sleeping much. Really, some good news would be most welcome and that's my Christmas wish - health and happiness for everyone. 

Thanks for reading and see you in the brand new year! :)

Check it Out - #NewRelease from Emma Tharp

Keeping It Casual by Emma Tharp

Now available for free! 

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It started with a proposition: one night.

But Reid Livingston’s steel eyes, hot as hell body, and alpha male attitude tempt Mia to accept his second proposition. A no-strings attached relationship while he’s in town.

Mia thinks she can do it. She’s in no position to start a new relationship anyway. But when she starts seeing his sweet, thoughtful side, the one that takes care of her and starts healing her, she knows she’s falling for him. Who’s going to be there to pick her up when he leaves town - and her - behind?

Mia thought she was strong, thought she could keep it casual.
 Turns out she was wrong.

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Hot right?

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The Aurora Trilogy is complete

It started with a standalone (Duly Noted), a story about a girl-Aurora, her prescription drug addiction, and her fear of cars that gave her vehicular PTSD. I thought was over when I got to the final page. 
Turns out I was wrong. 
Something inside my brain was tickling that I hadn't told the whole story. In a whirlwind, That Summer fell out of me. It explained so much more, and delved even deeper into Aurora's PTSD but the end result was that it also made her question so much more. Hmm... what to do? 
It took a while longer, but finally the rest of the story came to light. And it made so much more sense. It explored her addictions, and her need for something stronger. Her new drug became something else she hadn't expected, but it turned her life around and gave her hope. The final pages of If You Say Yes showcase her true happiness, something she never expected to find. 
It took three stories spanning seven months to show her complete growth, from sassy and closed off to a woman who's ready to explore and finally live her life. 

Duly Noted (book 1)- regular price $3.99 

The blurb and the cast of characters await you here
You can also read the first chapter here

That Summer (book 2) - regular price $2.99

If You Say Yes (book 3) - regular price $3.99

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If You Say Yes - Playlist

Seems to be a trend, where curious readers want to know what you were listening to when you wrote your book, maybe to get a general feel for the mood and tone.

For the last book in the Aurora MacIntyre Trilogy - If You Say Yes - there were plenty of romantic moments, and accordingly, a lot of music played into that.

Here's a brief list of some songs that captured certain scenes.
  1. James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
  2. Shawn Mendes - Mercy
  3. Taylor Swift - Love Song
  4. Christina Perri - Human
  5. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
  6. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
  7. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud 
  8. Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay
  9. Evanescene - My Immortal 
  10. Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
  11. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
  12. Pink - Just Give Me  A Reason 
  13. Christina Perri - Arms
  14. Taylor Swift - All Too Well 
Any favourites in the list? 

October -- A Month in Review

It's November 1st, which for many authors (myself included) is the start to NaNoWriMo--National November Writing Month. The goal is to get 50,000 words down in one month. It's fun, exhausting but completely amazing. But that's for next month's blog post. ;)

October was a whirlwind month, mostly as a month spent behind the scenes.
Promo spots are booked for the upcoming release If You Say Yes, coming out Nov 17th. A few wonderful authors (Magali A. Frechette, Emma Tharp, Em Shotwell <- give them some love!) are going to help me out too. How great is this community of writers?

It took a bit of back and forth, but I got a cover designed nineteen days before release. So much for a slow cover release, eh? Oh well, lesson learned for the next one. But she did a great job, wouldn't you agree?

And speaking of next one, a short story turned novella turned short novel fell out of me in October. It's sitting around 50K (before any editing), and features a female lead more in line with me than any character I've written before. She's definitely no Aurora and light years away from Charlotte. The male lead? Totally different than Jack or Andrew, or Nate or Lucas, but just as lovable. I'm debating how to release this one, and when. I could post a chapter a week on my blog like the uber-talented Anya Rousselle, or release it around Valentine's Day as a quick read. Thoughts? Ideas?

Well, off to write the next story for NaNo. I'm going to try something new. Rather than a set or a trilogy, I'm writing a series. Each novel about a set of characters, with their own plot line(s), but each as a standalone. Should be fun. I hope. We'll see.

Thanks for reading.