Success vs Failure

Today has been one of those days where I wonder if I am succeeding or failing at life; at writing; at doing the housework, whatever you want to throw at me today.

For writing, for me, I feel successful (mostly). People (strangers even) buy my books, read them and for the most part, rave about them. It makes me feel good to know something I wrote touched them in some way. Then I get into the many pitch contests, enter, hold my breath, and wait. In the end, nothing comes out of it. No agents knocking on my door, no offers of contracts, BUT I have usually made a new "friend" or two, and have some great solid writing advice to learn from. So is that a failure? Maybe, since I'm still holding out for a contract... lol, or would you say it's a success? Overall, I like to think of it as a success. It's getting my name out there, it's persevering to make each little 140 character pitch the best it can be, it's trying over and over again.

Then I look at my housework. Total failure. The ironing is staring at me RIGHT NOW begging for a warm iron. The floors are in desperate need of a vacuuming and wash but I can't be bothered. Overall though, I keep my house pretty neat and tidy and clean. But the jury's still out on success or failure with that one. However, come back on a Sunday when I spend all day cleaning it... ;)

And parenting - ugg, the Olympic Gold Medal of success and failure.

I see all these posts on FB - proud parents showing off their happy little "perfect" children doing all these amazing feats, and if you're like me, you wonder how you measure up. Staring at their rah-rah-watch-me-parent-awesomely posts and pictures, I feel like a total failure. Really? Your child's played the tuba since he was one? Skipped two grades in school. Mine walked at 14 months, talked at three. So it would seem like I'm a failure.

But I can't measure myself against them, and I refuse to anymore. They have different goals than I do (obviously). What's considered a real measure of success? I don't know, but for me at the end of the day, I'm the last face my kids want to see, the last person they want to talk to, the last person to hug goodnight.  When something good in their world happens, they burst at the seams telling me. When their world collapses, they know I'll be there to catch them and get them back on their feet. How can that be a failure?

So today, don't put someone else's definition of success on you. Do what makes YOU feel successful.

And PS - I need to hear some good news, so please tell me something wonderful that happened to you today!

Free Read - Until Valentine's Day

To celebrate the season of love, I'm giving away free e-copies of Run Away Charlotte via Smashwords only.

One 5Star review:
it was amazing  ·
I started out giving this book 4 stars - but I was just lying to myself. It's been more than 36 hours since I finished the book, and I can't get it out of my head. The story, the characters, the emotions...I'm not even sure 5 stars is truly enough.

I love books that send me on an emotional roller-coaster. It helps me get lost in the story, in the experience of the book, and take the break from reality I look for when I read. And H.M. Shander's "Run Away Charlotte" is one of those books!

I laughed with them both. I cried with them both. I fell in love with them both. I hoped and wished and begged for a happy ending for them both. And, now I'll go read book two, Ask Me Again, with them both - because, like any true love...I'm just not ready to let them go yet!

To read more reviews, see my Goodreads page. To read it for free, use the code EC39G at Smashword's checkout. Enjoy the read. 

Excited for the upcoming Twitter contests

I can't wait for the contests to start.

I'm sitting on top of a polished manuscript Duly Noted and I absolutely love it - today at least. ;) It was born from an idea I had over the summer. The words started pouring out in September, and it was finished it near the end of November. 
Edited it, re-worked it and sent it off to my CP's. Then edited, re-worked it some more and now I'm happy with it. My CP's are happy. My beta's are thrilled. My BFF loves it (and yes her opinion counts most of all... wink wink). Plus, she's brutally honest too. No sugar coating from her. 

Anyways. So my baby is ready to venture out in the world. My pitches are ready. 

I will update which (if any) get "likes" and from whom.
Wish me luck.

And if you see one you like on Twitter, RT it freely, but under no circumstances "like" it. Save that for the publishers.

My pitches will be updated as the day goes on.

Good luck to my fellow writers.

These were my pitches, and my success. It was a fun day and hopefully these likes will turn into fulls and maybe a contract?? 

#1 Aurora has PTSD from a car crash & a Percocet addiction. But she's met her match in Nate - a man racing to help her.  - Two Faves - Limitless & BlueMoon 

#2 She has PTSD from a car crash & loves Percocet. She must overcome her fear of cars if she's to be a part of HIS world  - One Fav - RRPI

#3 Falling in love is hard enough. Throw in Aurora's drug addiction & Nate's PTSD-inducing hobby & you have .

#4 With his unusual method, can Nate help Aurora overcome her PTSD so she can be a part of HIS adrenaline fuelled world?  - two faves (Limitless & RRPI)

#5 When an event goes horribly wrong, it threatens to undo what Nate helped Aurora overcome. He survived, will she?

#6 How can Aurora stay with Nate when his hobby threatens to undo all her progress in overcoming her PTSD?