The End of 2015

As the year rolls out to a close, I am humbled by the amazing year I am leaving behind. 

2015 saw my debut release Run Away Charlotte at two weeks old, and it's sequel Ask Me Again came out in October. I partook in many twitter query/agent/publisher contests, made some new author friends and grew exponentially in that field. It was a banner year for a newbie, in my opinion. 

My books are selling better than I hoped (my initial goal was 100 of each... because well... no one's heard of me.) :) So I'm feeling pretty good considering I'm passed that goal with RAC and am nearing it with AMA. Some may argue that 100 is pretty easy to hit. I disagree. Having sunk my money into a good editor and a book cover designer, I'm still trying to break even. I don't have the funds - yet - to pay for ads, or join sites like NetGalley and the like. But I'm learning. 

I'm mainly relying on word of mouth (which thankfully is very positive for both books), reviews on Goodreads (which is hard to get) and bloggers. I've contacted blogger after blogger, some of who respond and agree to read (bless them). I'm working on little projects on the sides to get the word out, and hope my blogging (as terrible as it is) will get me a few more sales. It certainly can't hurt to try. 

My marketing strategy is bare bones, eh? My goal is that 2016 I will break even - just in time for the next book - DULY  NOTED - to come out, and maybe I'll be able to afford some type of paid marketing. ;)  But that's the joy of self-publishing. As wonderful as it would be to have someone else do the marketing for me, I like I'm struggling along. I like learning what works, what doesn't. Every little part about self-publishing has taught me so much. And I love it.

So in closing, I hope you all had a banner year in whatever way made you happy. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below, or email me or follow me on twitter (I'm quite chatty there).