The Aurora Trilogy is complete

It started with a standalone (Duly Noted), a story about a girl-Aurora, her prescription drug addiction, and her fear of cars that gave her vehicular PTSD. I thought was over when I got to the final page. 
Turns out I was wrong. 
Something inside my brain was tickling that I hadn't told the whole story. In a whirlwind, That Summer fell out of me. It explained so much more, and delved even deeper into Aurora's PTSD but the end result was that it also made her question so much more. Hmm... what to do? 
It took a while longer, but finally the rest of the story came to light. And it made so much more sense. It explored her addictions, and her need for something stronger. Her new drug became something else she hadn't expected, but it turned her life around and gave her hope. The final pages of If You Say Yes showcase her true happiness, something she never expected to find. 
It took three stories spanning seven months to show her complete growth, from sassy and closed off to a woman who's ready to explore and finally live her life. 

Duly Noted (book 1)- regular price $3.99 

The blurb and the cast of characters await you here
You can also read the first chapter here

That Summer (book 2) - regular price $2.99

If You Say Yes (book 3) - regular price $3.99

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