Help Me Decide Please.

I'm struggling with the back cover copy of If You Say Yes - the third and final story in the Aurora MacIntyre trilogy.

I have two blurbs, but can't decide which is more appealing. Which one of these would get you to buy the book? Which is the most intriguing?

#1 This: 

Aurora never believed in happily ever afters until she reunited with Nate. Now she has her man back, a new best friend and her drug addiction is in recovery. Hell, even the PTSD has taken a backseat. Finally, everything is roses and sunshine.


Aurora has a little accident with big consequences. That shot of morphine she gets in the ER? It fans the embers of addiction and she easily gives into her cravings. But it doesn’t matter, because she’s totally in control and can stop whenever she wants to. It’s just not going to be anytime soon. Especially if Nate says yes and signs the contract for his dream opportunity. One that would fulfill a lifetime of wishes but would change their future dramatically. Plus, she’s not sure her PTSD has that loose of a hold of her.  


Nate’s younger brother, Lucas, refuses to stand by and watch Aurora fall apart. Again. As her best friend, he sees through the darkness and knows that the path to true happiness may not be the one she has her heart set on. But Aurora has to decide on what she honesty wants for her future, and if that future has Nate in it.

#2  That:  

Aurora has a few loves in her life; the boyfriend, the best friend and the drugs.

First, there’s Nate, the charming and sexy boyfriend, the one who started the healing, and encouraged her to fight the PTSD. Without him, she’d still be lingering in her own backyard, convinced she’ll never touch a car, let alone ride in one. Yet, because of his suggestions, she pushed herself and rode a great distance all to stop him from retiring his dream.

Secondly, there’s the best friend, Lucas. Playful and empathetic, he urges her to be more than she believes is possible, catches her when she falls and is her biggest cheerleader. Without his devotion, she’d never have conquered the long-distance trip and stopped Nate’s retirement in the first place, and in doing so, learned alternative methods to handle the addiction.  

Finally, the drugs. Their pull is intoxicating, but manageable. Over the summer, with Lucas’ guidance to win back Nate, she lessened the need for Percocet and reduced her Xanax consumption. Things are finally looking up.

But now? Nate’s got his hands on a dream contract, and he’s hiding things from her; an accident causes her cravings to spike and she fights with giving in; and her best friend? Well, he’s been the one constant. With everything flipped upside down, the only way to straighten out is to dig deep into her soul and figure out what matters most. 

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