Half My Life Ago

Today -- October 5, 2017 -- marks a halfway point in my life - a line divided into the Before Hubs, and After Hubs. It's a tipping point for one day only.

As of today, I have been with my husband for half my life.


Who knew when I asked that cowboy, after a night of dancing at Esmeralda's to come to my birthday party at my parents, that it would turn into something more? If he never came to the bar that night, would the future have turned out the way it did? Would we ever have gotten together? It's fun to think about, although I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

Half my life ago, I was someone completely different. I was single, and working at the Science Centre, where my hourly earnings were $8 ish per hour (and I thought that was HUGE money). I lived on my own in a basement suite where rent was $300 a month. What?? I know right??

A few things have changed since that point.
I've had many jobs in many different fields (Customer Service Rep, nanny, teacher, doula, librarian, author)
I've lived in seven different residences, all within Edmonton.
I've had five different vehicles.
I've put on some weight (lol! we'll go with 'some')
We became parents six years after our wedding, and added to that 33 months later.
We've travelled to Mexico, Cuba, Vegas and Toronto, along with many trips to BC and within AB.

Looking back, we had a few tough spots. Job loss can test the strongest marriage, and infertility can strain it even more. But we survived. For now. ;) We have an almost teenage son and one waiting in the wings. Some say that's the truest test of a marriage, but we'll see.

I'm very interested in the next doubling of my life, when I'm a frail old grandma. It's interesting to me to think about how much my life will change in those years. I can't even imagine, just like when I was twenty-one. Who knew what that doubling of my life would bring.

Happy dating anniversay, Hubs!

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