November - a month in review

Wow - November flew by in a flash. Already December is knocking on the door, good thing I am starting to prepare for it. Are you? Our tree is up, the cards are signed (and mostly mailed) and the little people (nieces, nephews, kids) are all purchased and wrapped. Just a few adult gifts to purchase remain. Hopefully, I'll have time to do some Christmas baking, and if not, that's what the bakery is for, am I right?
What are you plans for Christmas? Do you have any traditions?

So what have I been up to professionally?
In October I wrote a short 45K novel, featuring Jasper and Jade (they've had a couple of name changes but these names are much more fitting to the characters) a Bohemian and a straight laced lady. This is the first book of a brand new series, affectionately titled the Westside Series, about a group of servers searching for love.

For the month of November, I set daily word goals as part of NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) and wrote the second book in the series. It's not finished yet, as I still need to wrap up the ending. But it's an amazing love story, and won't be quite what you think. ;) You'll see. The story revolves around one of Jade's co-workers named Evanora, and her journey to love and acceptance. My plan is to finish it up before Christmas so it can hit beta readers and my critique partner in the new year. If all goes well, I want to release the entire series before the end of 2018. Wish me luck.  

Interested in being one of the first to see sneak peeks, promos, blurbs and more? Join my special group where all the news about this series will release FIRST. :)  You won't want to miss it. 

And personally, in the month of November, I got some great news as far as my youngest son's health, after a nightmare-ish health scare. Had to deal with a bully who attacked my oldest son at school, and ended the month with bad news about another family member. That's my three, right?  My anxiety has reached epic levels and I'm not sleeping much. Really, some good news would be most welcome and that's my Christmas wish - health and happiness for everyone. 

Thanks for reading and see you in the brand new year! :)

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