10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

I hate and fear thunderstorms. I have cleared a queen size bed when an unexpected bolt lit up the bedroom window and scared the tears right out of me. They cause me massive anxiety, especially the nighttime ones. Bad things happen in the dark and combined with thunder and lightning, it’s just plain nasty. I’m a total wreck when one wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I love my McD’s coffee. Probably makes me less of a Canadian to not covet the iconic Tim Horton’s – but seriously, I find their coffee disgusting. To each their own, right? If I meet someone there (at Timmy’s) I’ll have an ice cap or a French vanilla, or a tea, but never the coffee.  

I always wanted three children. Growing up, I had fantasies of three kids, a boy and then two girls—because a girl needs a sister, and the sisters need a big brother. Yep, too many teenage novels influenced that thought I’m sure. Although I never had my three kids, and I never had a daughter, I could never imagine my life without my two sons. Now I get to be Queen of the household and I don’t have to share the spotlight.

I hate the spotlight. Ironic, given my last statement. But I really do. I don’t share my birthday at work (and am grateful when they respect that!) and I don’t post about it on social media. I don’t like talking about myself in general as I find I’m not that exciting. But I have zero issue chatting you up about your life, and taking in all the juicy details. Where do you think I get my story ideas from? Just kidding. Or am I? LOL.

I read a lot of kids books. I have to in my job. Kids want recommendations, and although word of mouth works wonders, so does actually having read the book because then I can pick their brains and ask what they liked or didn’t like about a character or about a character’s decision. I love getting kids to talk about books. And I love getting them excited to want to read a book. Kids who read lots tend to be less troublesome. 😉 

I’m not a morning person. Like at all. I need to mentally prepare myself for waking up. My alarm goes off every nine minutes a few times each morning in hopes of rousing me to full awake. The weekend? Better be a damn good reason to wake me up, otherwise I’ll be sleeping in until about 8:30 or 9.

My favourite colours are blue and yellow. The blue I adore borders on the edges between blue and purple, a royal kind of colour. Majestic and loyal. The yellow that interests me is a bright and bold ray of sunshine. It’s happy and vivid, much like me when the sun’s out. 

I’m a sucker for a feel good romantic comedy. Something like The Princess Bride or While You Were Sleeping and I’m all in. If it makes me cry the ugly cry (thank you very much August and Hazel), then it’s a definite favourite. The Empire Strikes Back may not be considered a romance film, but there are a lot of romantic elements at play and the witty banter between Han and Leia – classic. 😊 

In my before children life, I was a nanny. Over the course of a few years, I nannied for three separate families, and one family captured my heart completely. Those three children are now grown up, but I think of them and refer to them as my ‘first kids’. We keep in touch (and just recently, the oldest announced her pregnancy - does that make me a grandma?), meet for lunches and they come for visits. Who knew when I landed that job, that they’d have such a wonderful impact on my life. Recently, I took a photo my first kids and my biological kids all posing together. It’s priceless to me.

Star Wars is better than Star Trek. There I said it and now I will run. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, ST:TNG was the best, and Captain Picard can kick Captain Kirk’s ass any day of the week, but Han Solo is wayyy better, IMHO. And only the original series of Star Wars (Episodes 4 - 6)... don't get me started on the new groupings, so many things were wrong if they followed canon, which they (Rian Johnson) most certainly did NOT! 

Did you learn anything new about me?

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