Teaser & Snippet - If You Say Yes #2

Fans of Duly Noted and That Summer  prepare for the final installment into Aurora and Nate and Lucas and Kaitlyn's lives. Previous snippet and teaser.

If You Say Yes will be coming out in the fall. Date TBA soon. Just waiting on cover design and editing.

And now a snippet from the story:

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If You Say Yes
by H.M. Shander

Music! Yes, music would help her relax especially since she couldn’t find her purse. With the Xanax. Tomorrow when she found it, she’d be putting those pills someplace that didn’t change location all the time.  
Tiptoeing back into the living room, she knelt in front of the radio, and lowered the volume the instant she turned it on.
Ah, something soft. A love ballad. The two-part harmonies sang in tune about needing the other.
She stood and waltzed across the room, twirling and spinning as she danced in perfect synchronization with the beat. Light as air, she moved effortlessly, releasing her nervousness into the room. Each step, each tap of the toe, each movement of the arm calmed her as the words danced in her heart.
Every inhale soothed her, and every exhale released the anxiety. She danced, and moved, and spun, and even as the song ended, it didn’t slow her down. 
“I could watch you all night.”
His warm and husky voice startled her and she froze on the spot. He leaned against the wall. The only piece of clothing he wore––his pajama bottoms––hung loosely around his hips. In the low glow, he radiated sex appeal. “Oh, don’t stop.”
He crossed the room in a few steps and wrapped her up in his strong arms.
Another slow song whispered from the radio.
“May I?” he asked, his voice low as to not to disturb the soothing mood. With a subtle nod, he extended her right hand in his, and smoothly twirled her, dancing around the room. “How come you’re up?”
A small laugh escaped her as his whisper tickled her ear. “I couldn’t sleep.”
He pulled her close, and kissed her forehead before twirling her out to the end of his arms. Catching her hand, he squeezed it, reigning her in and holding her tight. “Nightmare?” Tenderly, he cupped her lower back with one hand and held her with another as he proceeded to dip her.
“Anxiety attack after the nightmare, or during it, I don’t know. But I woke from the nightmare in the middle of it.” A shudder interrupted her smooth motions.
“Are you okay?”
Her body pressed in closer to him. “Better now.” His musky scent comforted her as much as his strength.
“Well, if that’s the case, we’ll keep on dancing,” he said as the distance between them all but disappeared as their bodies merged.
Moving as one unit, they danced in the low orange glow, mirroring the other’s movements in time to the romantic ballads.
Neither spoke until Nate interrupted the interlude. “My favourite song,” he breathed into her ear as his hand inched against her lower back.
A familiar song. A song about falling in love in mysterious ways. She placed her head against his muscular chest, the drumming of his heart threatening to drown the melody. Each beat, each word resonated inside of her. It never ceased to amaze her how wonderful he was, and how she nearly threw it all away.
The pounding in her veins had vanished, and her breathing returned to a normal rate. The fear and anxiety she awoke to was long gone. But she didn’t let go of him. Needed to hold him close. To breathe him into the depths of her soul.
Coming down from the anxiety attack was almost as bad as going through it. Although the physical sensations had ceased, the emotional part held her captive longer. And the buildup approached. It pushed and pushed relentlessly, begging for escape. Unable to fight it anymore, the tears broke the threshold.
“Aurora?” His hold on her slackened.
Her body shook as the buildup peaked its crescendo. “Don’t let go.”
A tender kiss on her forehead. “I’m right here.”
His safety and security wrapped around her like a blanket, and she melted into his arms, allowing wave after wave of emotional instability wash over her. It was better to let it happen than it was to fight it anymore. She’d learned that lesson the hard way. The more the tears fell, the more drained she became until there was nothing more for her to do except completely depend upon him to hold her up.
He moved her to the couch where she curled up beside him. The silence punctuated by the sound of music and the occasional sniff. Her post-attack cry was always the strong, silent, body-shaking variety. Likely as painful to watch as to endure.

Want to read more? Want to read it all? I'm needing two more beta readers who are willing to read the entire manuscript and give me feedback. I'd need this feedback back within three weeks. Interested? Email me at hmshander@gmail.com

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